Monday, June 28, 2010

Giveaway Fun!

Digital Scrapbook Designer Michelle Underwood is hosting a number of giveaways on her blog, including one for a $20 gift certificate to Crab Apple Design's Etsy shop.

In a recent post on her blog "This Crazy Life," Michelle made it super easy for readers to submit multiple entries for her giveaway. She put lots of effort into composing a review of one of my products, the Hootie Hoot Owl Organizer.

I am impressed and grateful to her for dedicating the time and energy to make such a thoughtful post about my company. She is really helping to get the word out about Crab Apple Designs.

About Michelle: she designs digital scrapbook kits for my favorite online paper supply store, Two Peas in a Bucket. If you are not familiar with this store, I love it because it always has the best and most current releases of my favorite designs.

Michelle's kits are easy to download and really user-friendly. I hope to use some of her elements in new line of collages I am currently working on.

When Michelle contacted me, I immediately went shopping AND PURCHASED one of her affordable kits. It was hard to choose just one! Here it is and I love it.

She also has many freebies on her website, which you can find here. The amount of giveaways she hosts is substantial. I recommend adding her blog to the list of ones you visit daily. She has great taste and the giveaway items are handmade and just the kinds of things I would buy if I knew about them.

Crab Apple Designs loves Michelle Underwood! Go check out her blog to find out how easy it is to win good stuff!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

To Scan or Not to Scan?

My favorite source for vintage images is the Golden Book Encyclopedia 0f Natural Science series from the 1960s.

I use the images for buttons, mirrors, cards, and for my *thrilling* new line of journals and organizers with cutout images sandwiched between thick plastic covers.

These volumes are so full of fun graphics that cutting out one picture usually means sacrificing an equally cool image on the back page.

In an effort to comfort myself, I have started to create my own catalog of some of my favorite images. I thought I would share one of recent scans....

Enjoy! xo, melissa