Sunday, August 30, 2009

Add this Blog to Your Feed!!

The very lovely and generous Susan, author of the blog The Shoppe of my Dreams, has been very kind to Crab Apple Designs!

First, she featured items that she purchased from my shop AND is offering a giveaway to her readers. Etsy sellers are SO lucky to have folks like Susan who work so hard to promote handmade goodies and crafters. Thank you Susan!

So go to her blog and show her some love!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No Words, Just Pictures

Okay, a few words: I'm fresh out of words but these pictures are a clue as to what kinds of activities are happening around my house:

Monday, August 3, 2009

New Journals on the Way!

Be on the lookout for new crazy-cool journals on their way to the CrabAppleDesign etsy shop!

Progress on my First Mosiac Tile Project

A generous friend of the family gave me this round wood laminate table. It was crying out for renovation, so I've been slowly learning to do tile mosaic and finally I can see some progress.

Acting out of character for ME, I started the project without doing any research on tile, grout, etc. I just started gluing tiles and hoped that a pleasing pattern would result.

I ran out of tiles near the center, so I used flat marbles. A mistake? Maybe! I've been applying grout a patch at a time, and now that I'm at the marbles I'm finding it to be really hard to get the grout flat between the marbles. It was much easier to scrap the grout over uniformly flat tiles.

Almost done! Just need to finish grouting those funky marbles and then apply sealant. Hopefully a picture of the finished project will arrive this week!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

One Stop Shopping!

Whew! It took most of the evening/night, but I've moved all of my paper goods into my CrabAppleDesigns Etsy shop.

I'm not completely comfortable with the sidebar categories. I wish that my crafty pursuits were a bit more "alike" than "all over the place."

Next, I need to get new stuff (fold and mail stationery, buttons, stickers, journals) listed that has been in the works over the last few weeks.

Currently, my dining table is completely covered with vintage goodies waiting to be photographed, described, and listed in the BlueCake store, which is now officially all vintage goodies. A few things that will show up in the store tomorrow include a wooden horse head bottle opener, an old View Master viewer in the original box, collector's metal trays from all over the good ole' USA, a very old etiquette book, and a cool retro alarm clock. All of this is courtesy of 3 consecutive days of thrift shopping at Goodwill Blue Hanger in Austin. LOVIN' the GBH.

Thanks for reading, nation. I love you.