Thursday, June 12, 2008

Etsy Shop News

I promised a grand opening this week, and things are definitely happening in "the studio." I got a bit distracted by designing fabrics, but finally have the summer bags in progress. Because the design is a new one, I wanted to field test them before listing them on etsy. One went out today for a beta test and two more will go out tomorrow. Here are pictures of summer tote bag production and associated goodies:

This is actually a larger prototype, the round up for sale will be a bit shorter, but still wide enough for files or magazines and fully reversible.

The outside of the bag is a bright pink twill - very durable. The inside is a spunky blue cotton. The bags have reinforced handles and extra strong interfacing. There are pockets inside, designed to hold 2 pens and an extra pocket for what-evah!

The most exciting part is the collection of vintage buttons sewn on the front of the bag.

Each bag is one-of-a-kind and the yummy popsicle colors are irrestible. Each bag is deliciously packaged with a bonus of 2 vintage buttons.
Below are swatches of the green and blue bags and their coordinating linings.
Ric-rac, ribbons, and these amazing vintage crystal buttons are also embellishments that will find a new home on each of these fun bags.

All buttons are carefully selected and washed (gently scrubbed) so that they are in the very best sparkly vintage condition and so that they complement the bag.

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