Sunday, March 14, 2010

Treasury Love

Hello everyone.

I rarely if ever post personal information since this blog is my crafty business outlet, but here is some personal stuff anyway.

I'm moving. The kind of move that forces you to put everything on hold. For the first time since I've started my business, I am forced to put the brakes on creating while I pack up and move all of my supplies and material goodies. I didn't shut down my shop when I was sick in bed for 6 weeks last fall or during a mind-blowing nightmare of a divorce that started a year ago in January. Leave it to moving to be the one thing that is really disruptive to the creative process. Hee hee.

In the meantime, I am so grateful to the fellow crafters who have been promoting me via the etsy treasury system. I've been so fortunate with treasuries lately! I am very grateful to 2 considerate crafters who included me in these awesome treauries: "Cheer Up" and "Cotton Candy."

The "Cheer Up" Treasury by Sewingkat2 is like a pastel rainbow, yahoo!

The "Cotton Candy" Treasury is by my new bestest Etsy friend Filomene. The treasury has expired, but look how delicious:

Audrey, the crafter behind Filomene and DOUDOUbyfilomene is responsible for the single most successful day I've had on Etsy. Her feature of my yellow paint notebook on a recent Treasury (see my last post) led to the notebook being included in last weekend's Etsy Finds called "Born Again." Below is my notebook with 1000 views (up from only 64 earlier that day)! At least 5 sales came from this feature, so.. Thanks, Audrey! *HUG!!*

I will be so relieved and happy when I'm moved into my new studio and I have the space, time, and emotional energy to create things again. Just a few weeks to go! At that time, I plan to return the good karma by trying for some treasuries of my own. My love to all my supportive crafter friends and everyone out there who is MOVING!

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MaryJanes and Galoshes said...

These are so cute! The yellow just makes me happy.