Friday, May 28, 2010

Etsy Sellers and Goodies from the Renegade Fair

As promised, here are some of the goodies I scored at the recent Austin Renegade Fair.

I pretty much freaked out at the Pretty Good Things booth. I had to ask for something "conservative" to arrive at this very cute and COMFORTABLE headband. (Most headbands give me a headache in about 5 minutes) She has lovely things, including an awesome bird nest headband, but I am in no way cool enough to wear such accessories. Nevertheless, I found several necessities to love.

Danielle Maveal had a number of retro vintagey designs on silver pendants. It was difficult to choose, but I loved the birds (and the cameras, squirrels, and mushrooms!) and I really liked the scalloped edges on this one.

Krank Press is not from Texas but was thoughtful enough to create Texas Produce Calendars for the Austin Renegade show. I love, love, LOVE letterpress and could not resist this item.

I have long been a fan of etsy's YourSecretAdmrial. Everything in her shop is absolutely heart-able, and we share a love of airmail ephemera. Her hand bound books are so so good. I was delighted to be able to buy one from her booth although it was very difficult to make my choice. I decided on a palm sized book suitable for a tiny purse, although I doubt I will be able to bring myself to write in it. Flipping though it is highly satisfying.

Although not on Etsy, Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching is worth mentioning since she is based out of Austin, Texas just like me, and...I had a few crafty rock star moments at the fair, and one involved visiting the Sublime Stitching Booth. I have 2 of Jenny Hart's books and her stitch-able stationery set. Now I have these 2 cool goodies as well:

Yay, Renegade Craft Fair!


Your Secret Admiral said...

Great Renegade finds! Thanks for stopping by my booth. I need to put together a blog post with everything I got at Renegade too...


Mary P. said...

Aww! Thank you for visiting my booth! Everyone is cool enough for the bird headbad! :) The birds do not discriminate towards humans.

I love all of the things you were able to score at the fair. I have to make my way over to Your Secret Admiral awesome!

renegadecraftfair said...

Thanks for the post! Make sure to check out the Renegade blog for our full recap of the AMAZING weekend in Brooklyn:

Warm Regards,
The Renegade Team