Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Cards in Process

The floor is covered with tiny bits of paper. This is a sign that I've been snipping, snipping, snipping. I feel like Edward Scissorhands and the shrubs.

So here are some holiday cards in development:

First, the ones on the right started out great, but ended up in the "dud" pile. Mod podge wrinkles stuff. Dang. The ones on the left have promise, but are in need of a better adhesive with all those tiny parts.

I got the notion today that I wanted to do some kind of hand printed cards. So I began by choosing a color scheme. Happily, between Hobby Lobby and Michaels, I found pigment inks to match the colors I wanted.

Then I fiddled around with some sketches for hand carved stamps. I started with a poinsettia-like flower.

Then a few holiday birds. I prefer the two smaller ones, but it was fun making the giant one. For these stamps, I used Mastercarve. The final results are next to the bird stamps. I like the look of the layered inks.

I finally got around to finalizing several designs for Gocco prints, some 2 color and a one-color design. Here's the one-color...although the type may be a 2nd color if I can make it work.

The finished products will be available soon at Blue Cake and Buttercup!


jen said...

i have to say, i love your blog header!

Babz said...

How cute! I love all the birdies! Have you tried laying a a few layers of paper towel on the cards and trying a hot iron? That might straighten it out (no steam though hehe)

LOL @ Edward Scissorhands! I giggled just thinking of all the snipping!