Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lots O' Projects

There is SO MUCH excitement/craftiness going on right at this moment. Let me explain. No, let me summarize:

1) My sweet baboo haggled over a 24"x24" guillotine paper cutter at a used office supply store and it is MINE. It cuts book cover stock!

2) I joined Elsiecake's online course and it is awesome already. One project per day is the pace. Yah!

3) I'm working on a customizable wedding planner/journal. It will be listed later this week...if there are any ideas out there about what should be included, please share!

4) New cupcake card sets and holiday cards are in progress.

4a) I'm freaking out over this book that arrived in the mail yesterday: A is for Apron by Nathalie Mornu.

5) Cute Overload has finally done it. After I died, I decided I would like this for lunch:

xo melissa

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Swell Stitches said...

Okay the apron book is to die for! I've been drewling over it myself for a while now lol.. there are some adorable aprons in there! And the weinie dog.. OH MY GOD! hahahaha that is so cute and weird all at the same time.. I just love it