Friday, January 2, 2009

The 2009 Calendar is Complete (mostly)

I have long wanted to design a calendar, and this one has been a labor of love. Here is an image of the 12 months. The first design had the dates all wrong (from 2008) and had to be completely re-done. UGH! So now I've triple-checked and am satisfied in its accuracy.

The calendar will be available in the shop early next week in 2 formats:

1) Downloadable CD jewel-case size (the jewel case doubles as a stand for the pages). For this one you'll have to acquire an empty CD jewel-case, print out on 12 pages of card stock, and cut out yourself. I may make a few of these "hard copies" for the shop as well.

2) A larger, spiral bound wall version, a bit larger than the CD jewel case version, printed on heavy matte cardstock.

If you have any suggestions, speak now before I go off to the printer on Monday!!!
xo melissa

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