Monday, August 3, 2009

Progress on my First Mosiac Tile Project

A generous friend of the family gave me this round wood laminate table. It was crying out for renovation, so I've been slowly learning to do tile mosaic and finally I can see some progress.

Acting out of character for ME, I started the project without doing any research on tile, grout, etc. I just started gluing tiles and hoped that a pleasing pattern would result.

I ran out of tiles near the center, so I used flat marbles. A mistake? Maybe! I've been applying grout a patch at a time, and now that I'm at the marbles I'm finding it to be really hard to get the grout flat between the marbles. It was much easier to scrap the grout over uniformly flat tiles.

Almost done! Just need to finish grouting those funky marbles and then apply sealant. Hopefully a picture of the finished project will arrive this week!

1 comment:

Harvey said...

I saw that table first-hand when you had just started it, and to see it what a beautiful table!!!