Saturday, August 1, 2009

One Stop Shopping!

Whew! It took most of the evening/night, but I've moved all of my paper goods into my CrabAppleDesigns Etsy shop.

I'm not completely comfortable with the sidebar categories. I wish that my crafty pursuits were a bit more "alike" than "all over the place."

Next, I need to get new stuff (fold and mail stationery, buttons, stickers, journals) listed that has been in the works over the last few weeks.

Currently, my dining table is completely covered with vintage goodies waiting to be photographed, described, and listed in the BlueCake store, which is now officially all vintage goodies. A few things that will show up in the store tomorrow include a wooden horse head bottle opener, an old View Master viewer in the original box, collector's metal trays from all over the good ole' USA, a very old etiquette book, and a cool retro alarm clock. All of this is courtesy of 3 consecutive days of thrift shopping at Goodwill Blue Hanger in Austin. LOVIN' the GBH.

Thanks for reading, nation. I love you.

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