Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eye Candy Organizers

Since the age of 9, I believed that a laminating machine was an essential household appliance. Now that I finally have one, I intend to laminate everything without legs.

My brand new product is now HERE! "Eye Candy Organizers" - laminated covers and tabs with all kinds of custom options. I've started with my favorite double sided papers and thanks to the beauty of lamination, both sides are enjoyed! Hooray! This first batch contains papers by Sassafrass Lass, Martha Stewart, and K and Company. Their brilliant designers are what put the candy in these babies.

These are "half sheet" sized ( 9 inches by 6 inches) with papers cut to a smaller size by about a quarter of an inch all around. Laminated pouches that are 10 mil thick (super rigid) are used for the front, back, and for any divider pages. This is an excellent weight for plastic covers in my opinion. I really love the glossy effect created by the plastic coating. Corners are rounded and binder rings are in coordinating colors.

The beauty is that you can reuse these lovely organizers once the pages are full. All you need is a standard 2 hole punch and you can have all of these in one:
-pockets for coupons, receipts
-lined or grid paper
-patterned paper
-art journal
-class notes
-address book
-message pad
-to do list
-!!!??? something pretty to look at!

These organizers will be listed in the store this week. Each one is fully customizable; you may order it full of paper with a larger or small binder ring OR describe your dream organizer and I will build it for you.

You can add your own bits and papers by acquiring a standard 2 hole punch which is available at any office supply store for a few dollars.

Lots more photos are on my flickr site under the "Eye Candy Organizer" set. Hooray!

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