Friday, October 30, 2009

Christmas Owls for Postcards

Hello friends and owl-lovers,
This year, I plan to make Christmas cards using 4 owl collage images. My plan is to make postcards and sell them in packages of 4 or more. Postcards in bulk are relatively inexpensive, and therefore I can pass the savings on to you! If interest is high, I will consider doing 6 images rather than 4.

Below is image number one. My plan is to do 2 with red and green as the predominant colors, one with blue and white with some green, and one multicolor (that is the one below).

If you think you might be interested in purchasing sets of these postcards as your holiday/new year's cards, leave me a comment with the number of cards you would consider purchasing. This will give me an idea of how many to have printed. The more cards that are printed, the cheaper they are! And the better bargain YOU will get, so if you like these images, tell your friends!

More owl collage images for you...

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