Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Heart Vintage Image Madness! And a Journal to Love.

Oh boy, it is really tricky and discouraging sometimes figuring out this whole "how can I use images?" issue. Recently, I bought a set of digital images of scanned vintage milk caps and was very put off by the excessive restrictions on use of the images. I ended up just amassing my own collection and scanning them to use in my crafty business. I understand about not selling electronic images you purchase or mass distributing them, but not being able to use them in crafty-business is such a bummer.

So then you can understand how thrilled I was to come across the vintage graphic store, "Vintage Image Madness." Here is an example of why I heart them - a quote from their FAQ:

"I am an artist and want to sell the artwork I make using your products. May I? Yes! I am an artist too and love helping out my fellow artists. Please feel free to sell your artwork using any of our products. I appreciate you noting Vintage Image Madness as a source for your images whenever possible."

The image prices are very reasonable and the awesome option of $25.00 for a month of unlimited downloads is really an amazing deal. I'm hooked. Each month, a free image is offered on the site as well, like this little gem:

My first hand-made journal is in the shop, and I'm very delighted with how it came out. I used a variety of old papers and kraft cover stock. I love kraft paper everything right now. It is so choice, as Ferris would say. Anyway, I also used one of my cherished old-timey clock flash cards as the cover decoration. This was my first project with my new Zutter Bind-it-All. If you would just give this journal some love by visiting it and hearting it, we would be so delighted. xo melissa

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michele gonzalez said...

Your journal is awesome! I like the goodie jar too :)
mom :)