Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I want to do this stuff!

1) Cute-ify a funky old desk and set it up in my kitchen. For instance, this awesome refurb from J.Caroline's blog:

2) Sock Monkeys! Target has cool socks right now that would make some badass monkeys. Here's a sweet tutorial on Urban Threads for making a stripey sock monkey. I think mine will be wearing buttons.

3) Finally, this is a project that really speaks to me: Week in the Life Project from Ali Edwards's blog { A }. The idea is to take pictures every day and record the lovely things that happen on ordinary days that should be remembered, or as Ali says, "document the imperfect normalness of your existence." Cool. Specifically, I want to create my own version of Ali's mixed-up-mini notebook thingy as a way to get started. I'll post a picture of what my first attempt looks like! xo melissa

1 comment:

Harvey said...

Wow! I love the "week in the life of..." idea. Do it...DOO IT!