Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Journals in the Shop

I am so so excited about these journals. I love every step in the process of creating them, from hunting down vintage and other cool accessories to punching and binding papers together.

These 2 journals are part of my latest creations.

The first is a vintage bingo card journal. The green bingo card covers were a glorious find. They are super-thick, stitched together cardboard with sliding windows over the numbers. A mis-matched green paint job covers what once was (likely) an advertisement. A glue spot is on the back of every card. I'm betting it was applied to keep the stitches in place. These cards have a lovely vintage feel. I decided that this was not the kind of journal I would want to use up, so it is bound with 2 binder rings for versatility. I used a standard 2 hole punch to set it up. A cool old-school library book card and pocket are on the inside of the cover. Finally, I found the best drawing paper I could get through an engineering company that sells paper for drafting. This is some seriously good paper.

The rainbow dot journal is a member of my "paint card, paint chip, paint sample" exploration phase. The colors and weight of those cards is so satisfying. The price is right. Putting the colors together is theraputic. What could be better than that? I've laminated these covers to protect the collage and keep the journal nice and clean. This one is more demur - 30 pages of the same high-quality drawing paper and a half-inch spiral binding. Squeezing more paper into this guy would make it hard to manuver. At 5"x7", this sketchbook is very portable.

Stay tuned for pictures and thoughts on this weekend's Maker Faire!

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