Saturday, July 4, 2009

Etsy Favorites 1 of 10: Cat Bishop

I decided it was time to showcase some of my favorite Etsy artists. I plan to do 10 by July 10.

Here is number 1: Cat Bishop of Artsy

This talented Etsy Artist, Scupltor, and Photographer - Cat Bishop of Artsy - was featured on the front page this week. I am in love with every one of her pieces, but particularly these. Personally, I think that she has really fair and accessible prices for folks who want to start an art collection, and the beauty and simplicity of these figures is enchanting. She uses the same materials that I use and love to collect. Her talent gives the vintage pieces real personality. What could be turned into nightmarish creepy circus monsters instead become kindly loving beings with her creative touch. For those on a smaller budget, you can buy photos of these amazing scupltures to display. I LOVE ARTSY!!

Please visit her
Etsy shop to see more wonderful sculptures!

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