Sunday, September 28, 2008

Digitized Cupcake Coloring Book Characters

Here we have the cast of characters for the Cupcake and Friends coloring book (in progress). Like the human race, the cupcake race has a diverse population representing the spectrum of cupcake experience. Included in this family are the Happy/Sad Conjoined Twins, Legless Cupcake on Wheels, Pirate One Eyed Pegleg Cupcake, X-Cupcake, and assorted other eatables.

Note: the call for coloring book illustration scenarios is still on! Today, I was offered: skiing accident, how cupcakes are born, and cupcake gangster initiation. Keep em' coming. If your is selected, you will be provided your own copy of the finished book! Yay CAKE!


Anonymous said...

Saw your sample page on flickr. The drawings are so cute! I love brainstorming silly ideas like this. The first thing that came to was remembering little girls who love to play dress up and play with their mom's make-up. How about a little toddler cupcake who is sitting at her mommy's dressing table chair and getting into all her mommy's make-up & accessories and having a grand ol' time? Some make-up/accessory items could include sprinkles, cherries, icing, paper cups, those toothpick toppers that have silly things ontop, etc... But the kicker is that the wee toddler cupcake is way too done up, she put too much of everything on. What do you think?!

Crab Apple Designs said...

Thanks, B.W. Bethie! That's a really cute idea! I'll put it in the pot and at the end of the month I'll make my final decisions and let you know!

Thanks!!! -melissa

michele gonzalez said...

I think each page should be an adventure by different characters. And I want a coloring book as soon as it's finished!
The conjoined cupcakes must have a fun-packed run in a theme park or something equally exciting.
mom :)