Saturday, September 20, 2008

Flickr + Blog Heaven = Beautiful Things!

Well, I spent half a day playing around on Flickr instead of doing things I'm SUPPOSED to do. But, I discovered a whole new group of talented crafters and artists, a half dozen new amazing blogs, and some highly-covet-able goodies. So here we go.

How is is that I always forget that I want to make a terrarium? These are for sale in madebymavis's etsy shop and they are so great. Terrarium love!

On flickr, there are many fellow vintage children's book fans with absolutely breathtaking images of their collections. For instance these two talented ladies have an amazing eye for composition.

This is just one example of the mind-altering photos by Picnic by Ellie. Her zillions of similar-themed compositions on flickr nearly made me catatonic with glee. It is the very definition of eye-candy. Send help!! She has a precious shop with good stuff!

For instance, this lunchbox killed me. It's not for sale, but...

These 2 are!

Another talented photographer had me freaking out with admiration when I came upon her flickr site today: Daisy's Little Cottage. Please try to comprehend the gloriousness of these images.

I have a new stack of children's books from ebay and a delish parcel from onecozynest that I'm dying to open but will wait until I can photograph it FIRST when there's light tommorrow. It's that lovely. The things I do for you people, sheesh! xxxooom

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Daisys Little Cottage said...

WoW! Thanks for the recognition. So happy my little photos made you so happy!