Monday, September 15, 2008

Paper Goodies are Now in the Shop

I've been collecting vintage board games and card games for months now. I have so many it's kinda embarrassing! I plan to use the boards for a project later this year. The game pieces and parts are just so fun, though. Because I've won some of the games as ebay lots, a few are really weird. For example, the Fall Guy board game and the Mork and Mindy game!

So I'm putting together little packages of papers and bits from all of the games I have. You can find this in the shop right now! WOWEE. This collection of vintage papers, etc. is called "Fun and Games." I had a fit of glee designing the label for it. I love JT Ringmaster font. I'm talking LOVE here.

Later, I'll be putting together another collection called "Storybook." to share some of my collection of vintage children's books. I'm spending my evenings cutting, cutting, cutting, in an effort to compile a lovely set of packages.