Monday, July 21, 2008

A Contest, A Bag, and Some Other Things

I've entered my first crafty contest. I found out about it yesterday morning, whipped out my entry in the afternoon/evening/wee hours, and sent my submission to Craftershock just a few minutes ago. The winner will be featured in the first issue of their print magazine. It was fun to make a bag for a new purpose. It would be SO DEAD SEXY to win, but I haven't won anything since the 3rd grade, so I'm not holding my breath. The joocee bag is now in the shop, and is getting some admiration on Craftster, so that is quite satisfying. (I've promised the Craftster community a tutorial later this week.) I'm so starved for crafty-tention that I'm high on the love. Can you tell that I love my Bubble Gum Tote Bag? Yes, I do. It's "puke-tacularly cute" (according to a fellow Craftster-er).

Here it is featured on the "Hot New Projects From All Categories" on the Craftster homepage. [note: This is not something to get all that excited about, but I'm pretending it is.]

Also, as promised, a few bits of improved resin. I've got the candy hearts down, no problem. The other stuff is progressing. I have some experimental molds ready and since there's no "EasyCast" to be found in the tri-county area, I'll be using the toxic death cloud formula "CastinCraft" outside tomorrow morning before the temperature rises above 80C which is when I think the stuff spontaneously combusts.

Ah, yes...the Goodwill Blue Hangar (Hanger?) visit with my friend Stacey was also a success. Again, for $14 I couldn't possibly list all the treasures (mostly because they are still in my trunk due to heaviness/laziness). Here's a panorama of what we're dealing with. I wish that I had considered the composition of my photos before taking them because they really look like we're digging in a giant indoor dumpster. But it really is awesome, like digging in a really great dumpster.

Maybe I'll get around to sharing the day's loot tomorrow. Nitey-nite!

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