Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This and That

I always lose my thread scissors! But not anymore...

Also, I just cleaned up this little baby. It's the tiniest refrigerator box I've ever seen. I found it buried under some things in an awesome "junk shop" (I mean this in the best possible sense) in the French Quarter just off Decatur street. It had a chalky finish, but after a little polishing with baby oil, it has a nice shine to it. It's on my desk holding sticky notes. Yah!!

Also, I'm excited that I finally got it together to subscribe to Kristin Roach's Craft Leftovers Monthly. It's such a fun idea and it is exciting to get the little package. Her blog is great and she is very generous about sharing ideas she gets from her blog feeds. This is the latest CL Monthly zine and supply package. Yummee.

Custom order bags are in progress! I'm alternating them with bags to list in the shop. I've set a new deadline: FRIDAY!

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