Monday, July 7, 2008

Ashleigh Bags!

I've listed a new bag in the shop, the "Ashleigh," named after my cousin Jessica's amazing daughter. Ashleigh's custom Ashleigh-bag is also complete. I'm working on 2 custom bags and 2 more Ashleigh bags to list in the shop, hopefully by tomorrow.

I'm trying a new product photo technique: taking things outside and photographing in shaded bright sun. We'll see how that goes. I'm also trying the "auction" setting on my digital camera, but I don't like that too much. Here are the results:

On another note, we had a wonderful weekend. My mom and her sweet baboo Robert came to visit. We ate wonderful food and spent quality time in several of the antique shops in the historic Georgetown square. In one shop, I spied several old wooden windows with glass panes. I've been thinking about painting on stained glass to create a panel to hang in our front door window. So I may head back there today or tomorrow...the shop owner also promised to bring me a box of "junk" chandelier parts, glass knobs, etc. So if these turn into something interesting, you'll see pictures of here right here!

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michele said...

Melissa, Mary and I (at work) love the Ashleigh! It's lovely and delish :)
mom :)