Saturday, August 9, 2008

Borders, Ready Made, and Vintage Board Games

This was an awesome first-day-of-the-weekend!

I completed 2 custom orders and mailed off my first etsy sales this week. Thank you to my supportive family for giving me my first 3 sales!

1) One of the owners of the very cool Yachats shop Raindogs suggested that I check out the magazine ReadyMade, which I had never heard of (bad grammar, I know). I found it at Borders today and I am loving that magazine. Yes I am.

2) Also, thanks to Borders: a slew of Paperchase goodies. DARN that Paperchase and at the same time, I exhault Paperchase. AHHHH! Below, their vexingly low-priced "mag bags" and one of their new lines of paper products called "Pet Chopz." It is very cute indeed. The bags are cute, but the vinyl on the straps cracks over time (painful) and there are no pockets like MY bags. But still, they are very desirable and functional.

3) An update on the vintage game collecting:

Today, a 1956 Chutes and Ladders game arrived. Check flickr for photos of the growing collection and what the parts become when I dismember them!

4) I discovered Re-Ment and Cram Cream. Lord help me.

5) Finally, after much deliberation and MANY hours of searching, I have selected six fabrics for fall bags. Amy Butler and Robert Kaufman are 2 of the familiar (to me) designers in this bunch. Also included are Michael Miller and Alexander Henry. I am quite pleased with the final selections! Here is a peek at the fabric swatches:

Until the next time...xxxooo

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