Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FINALLY. Resin jewelry is in the shop.

More skulls in the shop. Of course. I tinkered with the formula a big to get quite a boost of glowy-ness, so these are called "Super Glow" to differentiate them from the other glow-y pendants. This is a very serious, complicated business.

And more are on the way. Magnet sets, too!

The candy pendants are running amuck on etsy, but out in the world I get compliments every time I wear mine, so I'm making 'em, too. Bargain prices!

The magnet sets are kitchy and unique, fun little presents. They have super-powerful magnets that just fly toward anything metal, no matter what direction you are trying to direct them. Trying to glue on the magnets this morning was an adventure. Hopefully they will be ready to list tomorrow!

I'm working on upcycling mint tins as storage boxes. Decoupage, perhaps?

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Brook said...

i need to learn how to work with resin! its next on me list of things to learn... along with quilting and ceramics!