Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Ate Worms

For those of you operating under the belief that I live a charmed life, I've got news for you. I ate worms. And not on purpose.

This morning, I got up to prepare a power breakfast of steel cut oats and walnuts. Isn't it lovely?

When I finished, I picked up the walnut container to put it away, and there they were. All worm-y like. Actually, they were caterpillars. And I ate some. See if you can beat that.


HMadison said...

Oh sweet Lord...I ate a handful this morning!!!

Brook said...

thats really gross!!! but the thing that is really gross to me is... their eggs were in there.... and they hatched... I wonder how many insect eggs we actually eat... probably more then we would want to know!!