Saturday, August 23, 2008

Exciting New Resin Batch

I just popped a new batch of resin pieces out of their molds and they are oh-so-exciting. This batch is mostly magnets. Disclaimer: these are rough; they haven't been polished and it's midnight so the lighting is terrible. But H. is asleep, so I have to share it with SOMEBODY.

But I'm SUPER excited about these:
These chunky magnets are a great way to show off my little collection of vintage game pieces:

These hold vintage plastic layering beads which I've been itching to use on something:
These kitchy paper flower on green glitter ones make me think of those old astroturf doormats with the plastic flowers attached to them:

Some new skulls...actually some of the prettiest ones yet:

And finally, the STRAWBERRY MOLD!!
And just for fun, here's the whole gang:

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hmadison said...

Hello! M's husband here. It's 5:30AM and M is asleep, but I have to share my delight with someone. Can I just say that my dearly beloved is the most wonderful combination of skill, talent and creativity ever?!? I'm a 'manly' man, and still, these new little trinkets made me squeal like a girl who just got her first Easy-Bake oven.