Friday, August 15, 2008

Fabric, Pendants, Other Fun Stuff

My long awaited order from Pixelbypixel came in: a customized rubber stamp, labels, and these cute erasers with my logo. These are for Etsy freebies.

The first resin pendant is in the shop! More are curing right now. I had a heck of a time getting an image of this one "glowing" in the dark, but there it is.

I'm slowly working on my coloring book project. Here are some prototype sketches. I want the images to be big and chunky, and a little subversive but still friendly for all ages.

My fall fabric order has arrived. Well, most of it...I'm waiting for one more chunk from superbuzzy. Here's what's in so far. Now, all I need is a sewing machine in my possession! Has it only been one day since I dropped it off?!?

Note the SPECTACULAR coated cotton fabric. It's really soft; much softer than fabric with iron on vinyl. I can't wait to turn this into bags.

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